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Qualcomm Stadium: Home of Thunder & Lightning

In the landscape of the NFL, few teams can claim more hardcore, diehard fans than the San Diego Chargers. The city and its fans have a special relationship with the team, and the team has a special relationship with its home field, Qualcomm Stadium. Affectionately known as the "Q"....

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Football and Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating landmark moments in history

Football has fast become America’s national sport. There is a love affair with the gridiron that stretches from the shores of Maine to the golden coasts of California, from the forests of Washington to the swamps of Florida. Every state seems to love football at every level.

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8 Tap Rooms Every San Antonian Should Visit - San Antonio Current Slideshows

8 Tap Rooms Every San Antonian Should Visit - San A...

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The Black College Football Hall of Fame: Honoring the past, preserving the future

In 2009, football greats Doug Williams and James “Shack” Harris once again stood at the crossroads of history. Neither Harris, the first black quarterback to be named a starter, nor Williams,...

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SA Flavor -- Frontier Burger: Return of the Charcoal Grilled Burger

You know that old saying about where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Well, that’s true in a science kind of way, but I’m more interested in it....