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New Beers, Same Attitude at New Braunfels Brewing Co.

Since starting up operations in 2012, Kelly Meyer and his crew at New Braunfels Brewing Co. have been making beer “their way.” Made with 85 percent wheat, fresh hops, house yeast, locally-sourced water, and a ton of attitude. With a line of saurs, “Fun-damentals,” elementals, and experimentals, they are forging a path that is truly unique in the local craft beer world.

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3 Local Brews To Welcome November

Not to get too emotional or philosophical about it, but there is just something truly special about a “new” beer. I don't mean “new” as in, hey I just drank a beer and now I need a new one. No, I mean “new” as in never seen before.

20161026 114502 article

Get the Popeye at Yaghi's New York Pizzeria | Flavor

In the 1930s, one of our country's most under-appreciated philosophers cribbed from a line attributed to the French philosopher René Descartes: "I y'am what I y'am, and that's all that I y'am."

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These Breweries Are Bringing Something New to San Antonio

Brewing beer is often quite like alchemy. You are taking one substance and transforming into another. While the “science” of alchemy has long ago been disproven....

High five shop bryan rindfuss article

Looking at Street-Smart Art in the Strip's High Five Shop

You know that quick sense of elation, if not euphoria, you get from that spontaneous action of slapping hands with another person? That rush you get from the good, old-fashioned high five...

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CycloSocial – That Time I Ate all the Tortilla Chips and Made 9 New Friends

I'll be honest, when I heard about what the owners of CycloSocial Co. wanted to do, I thought, in theory, it was a great idea. A “party bike” that took up to 15 of your closest friends, co-workers, drinking buddies....

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You Need to Try Fat Tummy Empanadas ASAP | Flavor | San ...

I have long accepted that nostalgia plays a large part in determining how good something you eat actually is. A flavor, a taste, a smell, something will trigger a long-lost memory and trigger an almost immediate gastronomic response in you.

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Get Ready for Oktoberfest at Real Ale Brewing Co.

That magical time beer lovers thirst for is nigh upon us. That time of year when the air cools down, the leaves change color, and the beer flows like wine: Oktoberfest!

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Oktoberfest Brews You Should be Drinking this Fall

Though August is still a faint memory, most brew retailers started lining up their Oktoberfest offerings in the middle of last month to help you stock up in advance of the real Oktoberfest.

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Reap the Rewards of Your Student ID | College Guide | San Antonio ...

Alright, let's be real for a minute. There are quite a few sweet perks to being a college student. You get to walk that fine line between being a kid and being an adult. For many, your sole job is to get up and learn every day. And there are some parties to attend every now and again, right?

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Lewis Black: America's Angriest Voice of Reason

There is no mistaking the voice of Lewis Black. Whether you know him from his award-winning stand-up specials on cable, his regular “Back in Black” contributions to Comedy Central's The Daily Show, as the voice of Anger in Pixar's blockbuster Inside Out, or in his role as ambassador for voting rights for the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Why We Love (and Hate) Hatch Chile Season

As the temperatures of the long days of August start to rise, two things become immutably clear. One, summer is slowly but surely trying to murder each and every one of us...

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Brews on the Go with San Antonio Brewery Tours

Have you ever thought to yourself, I really like visiting breweries and sampling really good beer right on site there. But, how do I go......

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Craft Beer Congress Is in Session

The craft beer industry in San Antonio is booming like never before.

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What's Brewing: July Beer Events Calendar

What's Brewing: July Beer Events Calendar | The Dai...